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After today’s leg workout, if I tried to go downstairs, my steps would quickly devolve into what would best be described as “Out of control Slinky.”

I should really wear a helmet.

Posted in P90X, Thought of the Day on January 25, 2012 by Webmaster Mike


Posted in P90X on January 23, 2012 by Webmaster Mike

After a great yoga session today, we’re over halfway done with our first round (of 13) of P90X. Next up, on Wednesday, is Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X. I hope you can make it. You’ll be sore, but it will be so worth it.

We’ve had a lot of good things going on at the Peninsula Nordic Training Center; we have waived the Beachbody weekly fee so your total cost per month is just $59.99 plus tax. We’ve only just begun, so a late start won’t hurt too bad. Get in touch with me or just show up! Classes are MWF, 6-7:30 am at the Peninsula Nordic Training Center, 362 Tyee St. Soldotna, AK 99669.

Remember to have a look at the P90X Calendaria in the upper right of this blog.

We have recently acquired a great selection of new, heavier dumbbells, and a vast array of resistance bands to help you get the most from P90X. We have hot showers, towels, lockers, yoga mats and blocks, and all sorts of other things to get you in shape and to work on time.

Now’s your chance to get Supersonic X-Style Fit before summer.

See you there.


P90Xciting Updates

Posted in P90X on January 10, 2012 by Webmaster Mike

Hey Cool Cats,

P90X Classes start Monday, Jan 16, 2012 and go until the end of June. This is the perfect chance to get in the best shape of your life before summer. Check the P90X Calendaria in the upper right of this blog.

Classes are MWF, 6-7:30 am at the Peninsula Nordic Training Center, 362 Tyee St. Soldotna, AK 99669.

Monthly price: $59.99 + Tax plus a weekly fee of $2.99 to Beachbody. (Grand totals around $75 / month)

Why P90X? It’s an incredible fitness program that stresses the three fundamentals of athleticism – Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. Based on the concept of Muscle Confusion, P90X constantly changes workouts and routines so your body never gets used to the exercises. With continual and varied workouts, your body will constantly be pushed, and your results will be amazing.

To sign up, call Mike Penland (Not to be confused with Webmaster Mike) at 907.978.9884

See you Monday.


X-mess and Gnu’s Ears.

Posted in Holidaze, P90X, Sports, Website on January 4, 2012 by Webmaster Mike

Wow, I haven’t written a post SINCE LAST YEAR. Apologies.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time over the Holidaze. Following in my tradition of going someplace warm for the break, I did exactly the opposite and went to visit family up in Fairbanks. With temperatures soaring into the -20s, I enjoyed some cross country skiing on Fairbanks’ lovely ski trails, and even had the opportunity to experience minor frostbite on my ear lobes. All told, it was delightful.

After Fairbanks, I spent some time in Girdwood, where I brought the balmy Fairbanks weather with me, as one morning saw -14 on the slopes. Girdwood, too, has put significant resources into building great cross country ski trails, so it was quite nice to see some new scenery. As luck would have it, being in Fairbanks completely recalibrated my idea of cold, so I was more than happy to ski in Girdwood and back here at Tsalteshi despite the below zero temperatures.

Speaking of exercise, I’m scheduled to teach some fitness classes at the Nordic Training Center in Soldotna starting Monday of next week. These will be P90X workouts, and you can find a calendar in the upper right hand corner of this very blog. I’ll have more information soon. P90X is a very intense program that uses the concept of Muscle Confusion to maximize results. After the entire program, you will be in the best shape of your life. College athletes, MMA fighters, and pro athletes use P90X to become better all-around athletes. Try it. You’ll love it, but it’s not easy.

In website news, we’ve launched a new front page feature for 2012. The Essential Images: KPBSD Photo of the Day is a daily opportunity to reflect on the reason this District exists – the students. Take a look at the lower right corner of the KPBSD website, that’s why we’re here.

So, in all respects, good things are happening for 2012.

Stay tuned for a new post from me.

I’m sure it will happen first thing next year.