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Mike by the Numbers

Time Skiing: 2 months

Distance Skied Saturday: 12155 meters

Distance Skied Yesterday: 6340 meters

Number of Skis in my Car: 8 pair

Number of Skis I Own: 0 pair

Number of Ski Boots in my Car: 4 pair

Number of Ski Boots I Own: 1 pair

Obviously, I have an absurd discrepancy in owned vs. borrowed equipment. Some day, certainly, I will commit to actually buying equipment. I’m starting my search with classic race boots, with European sizing a whimsical and prime number 43. It just dawned on me, that despite only skiing for two months, I’ve been skiing for two years. Figure that one out.

Bearing in mind the numbers above, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the Tour of Anchorage cross-country ski race coming up in March. It’s the tasseled one. (The hat, not the ring or the race.) I’ve included a poll to determine which race I should enter. Please take the poll (it’s over there on the right) and help me choose. Thanks and don’t kill me please!


7 Responses to “Mike by the Numbers”

  1.   Stephanie Says:

    are you skiing in woman years?

  2.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    That must be it. That, or I’m counting 2011 and 2012, but you knew that, STEPHANIE.

  3.   Stephanie Says:

    Right. I was going to tell you your math was off – Glad I got your side of the story first.

  4.   Adam Reimer Says:

    50k 50k 50k
    I heard there is some injustice on the Spencer Loop. Fix it Mike, your our only hope!

  5.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    Egads, Adam, that’s 150k. There had better be legions of ne’er do wells about.

  6.   Tony Eskelin Says:

    Doing the tour for first time as well. Everyone tells me to start off w/ the 40k but I’m going all out w/ the 50. Are you in?

  7.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    Ugh. Sure, Tony. What’s an extra 10k between friends? I’m sure there will be paramedics standing by. Plus, how far is 50k in Imperial units? Isn’t that like 400 feet or something?

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