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Skantoozle Part Deuxzle.

They looked askance at their surroundings. A bleak, flat desolation stared silently back. They were alone with the horizon, glass-black and solid, immutable. Polished mercilessly by the wind, their collective fear multiplied.

So anyway, yeah, Skate Night. The ground was hard. Not ice hard, more like polished granite. And the wind had burnished every surface into a crusty, slick mess. So, perfect for skiing, right? Actually, the conditions were really fast, unless you went off the groomed trails, where the frozen sheets would yield not at all, and off into the hinterlands you would plunge. I found that out the hard way. I have been having trouble with my feet when I skate ski. Last night’s session was the worst it’s ever been. I believe it’s a technique related occurence, as the pain seems to be mitigated when I push off correctly, which is at least 0.00002% of the time. The rest of the time, however, is not much fun. It is rather demoralizing when I want to get exercise and I have to rest my feet after 4 continuous minutes of skiing. I would rather the limiting reagent of my exercise be my lungs or legs, and not something as pedestrian (heh) as my arches.

But I’m working through it. I believe Thursday will be another skate night unless conditions change dramatically, so we shall see.

In the interim, I will dream of pain free skating and glorious fentoozling.


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  2.   Webmaster Mike Says:

    Hi Jack! (Remind me not to yell that in an airport)

    I am having a blast learning to ski. Slower than expected, but still a fun way to spend some time in the cold.

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