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So, with sufficient snowfall and Official Day Two of Master Ski Training, you’d think conditions would have been perfect for my first day of skiing.

You’d be wrong. But only because I don’t yet have skis. Nearly everyone else in the class did, though, so while they slid around on Skyview’s soccer field, I was able to enjoy what can only be described as EPIC HILL BOUNDING.

We started by learning basic ski-type strides, with cool names like V-1 and V-2 and V-2 Alternate. I thought at first it was called “V-2 ULTIMATE” which sounds like a World War II German rocket, but Alternate will have to suffice for now. The names correspond to the amount of steps between each poling motion.

After some coordination difficulties early on, the V-2 had successfully launched and I achieved Low-Earth Orbit.

At least, I felt like I did. Running with sharp sticks in my hands was exactly as fun as it sounds. All that matador training in Mexico finally came in handy.

So, next on my to-do list is to acquire some skate skis. Heading to Los Anchorage on Saturday to make that happen.

In the interim, I’ll be working on V-2 ULTIMATE stride, so if you see me in the hallway with poles in my hands, it would be wise to move aside.


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