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Blowing Dogs Off Chains.

Well, THAT was a weather event.

And as luck would have it, it was simultaneous to my initiation into all things ski. Naturally, the Universe conspired against me to prevent me from skiing. With winds gusting up to 60 knots (!) a good number of my colleagues that I invited to the Master Ski Program opted not to go. They should have read the fine print of our verbal contract… Specifically, the No Backsies Clause.

I managed to make it, but lamentably, the organizer changed the practice from outside at Skyview High School to an indoor location. And here I was hoping to try out my new tasseled hat, which I’m sure would look particularly dashing flapping about in the breeze. We did some stretching and some various resistance exercises. Lots of core work, which I understand is good for cross-country skiing.

So, based on that one successful workout, I am guessing I’m a Master Skier now.

Now all I need is some snow and skis.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be outside.

I’ll be the one in the tasseled hat.


3 Responses to “Blowing Dogs Off Chains.”

  1.   Angie Says:

    It’s obvious you’re a pro now. Tasseled hats are a definitive indicator. Your performance on actual snow will be superfluous, although most enjoyable to observe, I’m quite certain. Well done sir, well done.

  2.   Kara Says:

    You have wise colleagues… Can’t wait to see the tasseled hat.

  3.   Carly Says:

    Mike – Sounds like you may already be gaining the understanding that just the simple posession of a tasseled hat pretty much makes you a ba skier! Nice Work! Look forward to seeing you on snow….hopefully that won’t be too far away.

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